(Membership and withdrawal procedures)


  • 長者會員或先進會員:

請攜同身份證及相片兩張, 親臨本中心登記,入會時需繳交年費。



  • 護老者或義工:


  • 其他中心班組、活動及服務或按公佈情況收取費用。

Membership procedures

  • For Elderly or Senior Membership:

Please bring ID card and two photos to register in the Centre. Annual fee is required when joining the membership.

(Elderly member must be 60 years old or above, annual fee is $25)

(Senior member must be 50 to 59 years old, annual fee is $40)

  • For Carer or Volunteer Membership:

Please bring ID card or other identification document to register in the Centre which is free charges.

  • Other classes, activities and services will be charged according to the announcement.


  • 請通知職員辦理手續
  • 交回會員証(如有)
  • 所有已交費用不獲退還
  • 凡違反中心規則,中心有權要求違規者退出服務

Withdrawal procedures

  • Please notify staff to go through the procedures
  • Return the membership card (if any)
  • All paid fees are non-refundable
  • Centre has the right to request members to withdraw from the services for any violation of the Centre rules