(Service contents)


Centre provides various services for the elderly and carers, including:



【Promote health and active aging message】

Arrange health promotion activities or seminars, provide health information, increase the elderly’s health care awareness and promote the good interpersonal relationships that to maintain physical and mental health and improve their quality of life.



【Volunteer recruitment, development and training services】

Volunteer service aims to promote 「volunteer groups」 and 「self-service clubs」. Through volunteer recruitment and training, with a variety of service opportunities to match different volunteer interests, to encourage the elderly in respond and contribute to the society. Ultimately, services achieve promoting a sense of worthiness among the Elders.



【Educational and developmental activities】

Cooperate with different types of organizations to plan and organize various activities for realize the potential of the elderly and achieve positive physical and psychological development.



【Interest classes】

Organize diversified interest classes, such as Singing Class, Tai Chi Eight-style Class, Sketching class, Yoga classes etc. Interest classes meet different needs and enhance the opportunities for the elderly to continue in learning and developing interests.



Social and recreation activities

Diversified activities such as festival celebrations, singing competitions, trips and visits that encourage members to expand their social life, maintain physical and mental health for developing a prosperous old age.



【Referral and consulting services】

If the elderly encounter difficulties in life, they could apply various preferential programs, service consultation and referral follow-up provided by the Centre.



Occasionally drop-in services

Provide a comfortable space for the elderly to read newspapers and magazines, watch television, use fitness equipment and computers, participate in educational games, borrow portable game machines etc.